What To Know When You Have Moved Into A Home With A Septic System

Did you recently move into a home with a septic system? If you have and this is a new experience for you, then you have some things to learn. While you shouldn't notice much of a difference in a house with septic, there are some differences, and some of them are very important to know. Here are things you need to be aware of when you find yourself living in a home that runs on a septic system for the first time.

Knowing when the next cleaning service needs to be done is crucial - Generally, a septic tank should be pumped or cleaned once every three to five years. The size of the tank, size of the household, regular water usage, and last date of the most recent cleaning are things to consider when determining when you should have it cleaned. If you don't know when the previous residents had the septic tank cleaned, then you want to have someone come out to inspect the tank. Not only can they let you know when you should have it cleaned, but this is also a good way to learn that the system is in good shape or whether you should have something repaired. To learn more, contact a septic tank cleaning service.

Keeping all chemicals out of the system is important - A septic system works in a  very specific way to break down solids, and bacteria in the tank plays an important role in this process. You want this bacteria to remain in the tank to do its job. When you allow harsh chemicals that are in things like cleaners to go down the drains, it can destroy the bacteria, and that means the solids won't be broken down the way they need to be. Also, things like medications can affect bacteria, especially strong medications such as chemotherapy medications. 

Protecting the septic tank is a must - One of the things you need to do when it comes to the septic tank is to know exactly where it is. If you can, let everyone in the household know its boundaries and ensure nothing gets parked on or near it, as that can damage and even crush it. If there is the chance of other people, such as neighbors or visitors, accidentally parking or driving over it, then you want to put something in place to make sure they can't access the area around it. You can have poles installed at the corners bordering the septic tank or put up a sign letting people know to be careful.

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