2 Signs Your Home's Roofing Shingles Have Hidden Hail Damage

After a severe storm came through your area and dumped hail all over your house, you may have already gone outside to check your roof for signs of damage. If so, you may not have noticed any obvious damage such as missing or broken shingles. However, there are a couple of types of hail damage that you cannot see at first glance that are more subtle and could even show up a couple of weeks later. 

1.  Small Granules Appear in Your Home's Gutters and on the Ground

One sign that your home's roofing shingles were damaged in the recent hail storm is when you start finding small, gray granules in the gutters and on the ground surrounding your house. While the presence of the granules can be noticed right after the storm passes through, they may also start showing up within a week or two after hail damage was sustained.

Especially if the hailstones were large, their velocity would have caused them to have a large impact on the surfaces of the shingles. As the stones strike the surface, the protective granules are often brushed off.

While a small number of these granules is not too much cause for alarm, if you find enough of them to create small piles, there is most likely substantial damage to the shingles. Have a professional inspect them to make sure that no micro-cracking or breaks occurred during impact.

2.  Algae Suddenly Starts Growing on the Surface of a Patch of Shingles

Another sign that your shingles were damaged by hail may be dismissed as another issue. If you start seeing patches of algae growing on your roof within a few weeks of the hail storm, there may be damage of which you were not aware.

If the hailstones cracked the surface, these cracks will collect moisture. If the areas are in the shade, algae or even mold could grab a hold of the shingles and start to grow. If you find growth on the roof, do not attempt to clean it off, as this could cause further damage.

While the above signs of damage from a recent hail storm may not be obvious, they can cause further problems in the near future if nothing is done about them. Contact a contractor who offers roofing repair services to have them fully inspect your roof and discuss your available options for fixing any issues they may find.

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