Six Safety Tips to Keep In Mind When You Have Blasting Work Done on Your Property

It's essential to arrange blasting services to successfully carry out certain excavation operations. However, you need to make sure to take all necessary safety precautions to avoid injuries and accidents on blasting sites.

The following are six safety tips to keep in mind when you have blasting work done on your property.

Keeping vehicles and heavy equipment far from the blasting site

Keeping vehicles and heavy equipment too close to the blast site can cause unnecessary hazards. You should designate a safe distance away from the site where excavation will take place where your workers can park vehicles and store heavy equipment needed on the worksite. 

Letting all of your site employees know about the extent of upcoming blasting work

Communication is key to keeping your worksite safe. This is especially true when you need to have excavation work such as blasting done on your site.

That's why you need to get the word out among staff members that you have blasting work scheduled. Make sure that your staff members know what parts of your worksite will be impacted well before the date on which your blasting work is scheduled so that staff can prepare. 

Keeping suspended materials well away from blasting sites

It's definitely a safety hazard to have blasting work carried out beneath suspended construction materials and equipment such as overhead cranes. Be sure to clear equipment out of the area above the blasting site to prevent accidents and equipment damage. 

Locating any utility lines before blasting work begins

With blasting and any other type of excavation work, it's essential to determine the location of utility lines before work begins. If excavation methods such as blasting damages utility lines, this could lead to expensive repair needs as well as safety hazards. 

Determining the exact boundaries of the blast area in advance

You need to set boundaries on your blast site to control any damage. Carefully discuss the limits of the excavation area where blasting work will take place with your excavation service.

Specifying the boundaries of your blast site makes it easier to keep your staff members safe and informed throughout the excavation process. 

Having adequate testing performed over the area where blasting operations are taking place

You need to perform inspections and survey areas over which blasting work will take place in advance. Determine details such as safe access and egress points before excavation work begins so that you can have confidence in the safety of the endeavor.   

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