How Land Surveying Can Improve Construction Safety

Construction teams must rely on various tools and heavy machinery to complete construction jobs safely and effectively. However, before construction workers lift a single tool or drive a single vehicle, it is essential to ensure that a proper plan is in place. Without a plan, construction teams risk putting their lives and the lives of a structure's future inhabitants at risk. Unfortunately, it can be difficult for construction teams to gather the necessary information to make well-informed decisions during the construction process. Fortunately, many techniques have emerged to help construction teams gather the information they need to ensure that construction is completed safely. One such technique is land surveying. If you're interested in learning more about how land surveying helps construction teams complete their jobs safely, read on below to learn more about how land surveying can improve construction safety.

Natural Disasters

Without adequate surveying, construction teams and their clients can end up choosing a poor location for their home or commercial facility. A common concern facing construction teams is how at risk a location is when it comes to natural disasters such as landslides or flooding. Such hazards can endanger the lives of construction workers and a structure's future occupants. Fortunately, land surveying enables construction teams to uncover much-needed topographical details about a property that they can use to position structures in a manner that reduces natural disaster concerns. Land surveying professionals can consider variables such as elevation and slope to determine risk levels and prepare construction accordingly. By using the acquired information to avoid these hazards, construction teams ensure that a construction project is completed safely and effectively and reduce the risks of natural disaster-related incidents for future occupants.

Structural Concerns

Without land surveying, construction teams may build structures that are at risk due to issues with sloping land, poor soil stability, underground pipes, and utility lines. Sloped terrain and loose soil make for an unstable foundation for any unfortunate structures that are placed above. Breaking pipes and utility lines can lead to costly expenses. If construction teams attempt to build structures on such land, these structures may be at risk for collapse or other complications, endangering lives. Land surveying specialists consider an area's slope, soil density, and proximity to other structures and features to ensure that a structure can be safely built at a given location.


Lack of information about a location can expose construction teams and their clients to dangerous and unavoidable risks. Fortunately, land surveying specialists are standing by to ensure that doesn't happen! 

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