How Many Bathrooms Does Your New Home Need? 5 Factors

The bathrooms in your new home are an important part of creating a comfortable and practical house. But how many bathrooms should you include? The correct answer depends on a variety of factors. Here are five of the biggest factors to consider when you are working with a custom home builder on your bathrooms.

1. Number of Bedrooms. A general rule of thumb is that homes should usually have about two bathrooms for every three bedrooms. This ratio provides enough bathrooms for the average family to have some dedicated en suite baths as well as other shared baths. 

2. Number of Floors. Will your new home have multiple levels? If so, you should arrange to have at least one bathroom on each floor available for all to use. This is particularly important on the ground-level floor where you will greet guests and entertain them. Having guests go upstairs or downstairs means letting them into the more private areas of the home, which could be awkward for all. 

3. How You Entertain. How guests use your home affects the arrangement of bathrooms needed to accommodate them. If you tend to entertain large groups, for example, you may need more than one bathroom on the main entertainment level. Have lots of overnight guests? The guest room likely needs its own private bathroom even if it's on the main floor. Entertain outside often? Try to include a bathroom that is accessible from the backyard. 

4. Community Standards. What is the normal ratio of bathrooms in homes in your area? Some communities might expect more or less than the standard average mentioned above. By adjusting your ratio to what people expect or are used to, you avoid overspending while ensuring there are enough bathrooms to meet the demands of future home buyers. 

5. Accessibility. Think about how accessible your bathrooms are. Certainly, any homeowner who regularly has visitors with mobility issues should ensure they have access to a large bathroom on the ground floor designed to meet their needs. However, this is a good idea for everyone, as it could be vital if a family member gets sick or injured, if aging relatives need help in the future, or if you have little ones. 

Want more tips for designing a custom home with the right number of bathrooms for its size, neighborhood, and guests? Start by consulting with an experienced custom house builder in your area today. With their guidance and your forethought, you'll create the perfect space for everyone to enjoy. 

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