Erecting A New Concrete Foundation? Tips For Ensuring A Strong Base For Your New Garage Or Outbuilding

Adding a new garage to your property is an important way to add value to your property while offering your family a more convenient option for parking and storage. In order to be strong and stable, the garage will need to be built on a sturdy foundation capable of supporting the walls and roof without the risk of cracking or collapsing.  Before beginning the construction of a foundation for any garage or outbuilding, homeowners may want to discuss the following topics with an experienced concrete contractor. 

Soil preparation 

To begin the site preparation, it will be necessary to remove the topsoil throughout the area where the garage construction project will take place. If topsoil is left in place when a foundation is built, it will be much more likely to shift, settle, or develop cracks in the years after completion. In addition to the removal of the topsoil, it will also be necessary to level the surface and compact it to stabilize the remaining soil. Property owners will want to discuss details about soil preparation with the concrete contractor, such as where the topsoil should be deposited when removed and whether there are any expected issues that may affect the process. 

Foundation details

Once the site has been properly prepared, the work of digging and forming the foundation will take place so that the concrete footers can be poured. Once the footers are cured and the forms are removed, the area within the footers will be prepared for pouring the concrete that will form the floor of the garage. There are several important details involved in this part of the construction project that the property owner will want to confirm with the concrete contractor, including: 

  • the use of steel wire mesh and rebar to reinforce the concrete 
  • the use of a vapor barrier to prevent condensation issues on the finished surface
  • the use of expansion joints to prevent cracking and where they will be located

This is also a good time to discuss details about how the surface will be finished, including whether stamping, texturing, or coloring will be used. 

Weather concerns

Because concrete foundations are typically completed outdoors as the first part of a garage construction project, much of the work is subject to delay if inclement weather or extreme temperatures occur. To avoid the potential for delays, property owners will want to work closely with a reputable concrete contractor who can provide them with a reasonable schedule for completing the project. 

Contact a concrete foundation service for more information. 

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