The Services of a Land Surveyor

Land surveying is essential when breaking up parcels, marking existing boundaries, or planning a road or pipeline-building project. A land surveyor may use aerial equipment, small-scale models, and visual walkthroughs and photography to assess the land. 

Breaking Up A Parcel

If a new neighborhood is going to be constructed, the land that is going to be developed may need to be broken up into several sections. The parcels may ultimately be built upon, necessitating the services of a land surveyor. A land surveyor will measure existing land and take note of topographical features and other environmental factors that could hinder a construction project.

Upon assessing the land, a surveyor will provide documentation that will support their findings. A surveyor may demonstrate where building will be best-suited, plus can aid with marking land that will be used for a construction project.

Marking Existing Boundaries

Property records indicate the parameters of specific pieces of property. Land surveying is often conducted when land is going to be built upon or when an existing structure is going to be expanded. A land surveyor will use property records to guide them in outlining where a property line ends and begins. The surveying process is important since it can greatly affect how a future construction project will be conducted. A surveyor may provide a walkthrough of the property, prior to using a flagging system to mark each side of a parcel of land.

Assessing Areas For New Construction

A new roadway, bridge, or pipeline will need adequate space. A surveyor can aid a building crew in determining the most favorable area to build upon. Natural waterways, existing manmade structures, and environmental factors can affect where construction will ultimately take place. Topographical features could also have a bearing on a new construction project. A surveyor may use aerial footage, to assess a piece of land where construction will begin.

A surveyor may use diagrams to highlight the way a parcel of land is laid out. A large construction project will need to be well planned out. A building team, architects, structural engineers, and others may consult with a land surveyor. A land surveyor can also aid with locating suitable areas for drilling purposes. For instance, a land surveyor may be hired to assess a large expanse of land that may be used for oil or gas drilling. A surveyor may use a drone to assess the land.

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