Renovations To Increase The Value Of Your Home

There are infinite reasons you may want to renovate your home, but regardless of the reason, you should make changes that will add value to your home. There are many changes you can implement that will make your home more marketable and not rely on trends that shift frequently.


Adding an expansion to your home is an ideal way to increase value. One option would be adding a wooden deck and/or outdoor kitchen to your home. If you want to sell your home later, both a deck and kitchen will be attractive to people who enjoy the outdoors or those who love to grill. A major component of building a deck is the wood you will use. Choosing the right wood is not only a matter of aesthetics, but is also influenced by the amount of work you are willing to do to maintain your deck. Some types of pressure-treated wood are ideal for a low-maintenance option. If you want wood that stands out, redwood and mahogany are among several options to have a deck with rich colors.


A focus on energy efficiency is also appealing. Improving the efficiency of your home starts with construction. New insulation in crawlspaces and exterior walls is important for regulating the temperature inside your home. You will need to add or replace insulation in the roof, or even change your roof to a more energy-efficient material. If you are willing to install a new roof, metal is often preferred for its efficiency. As an alternative, you can have your roof painted with a "cool roof" coating that helps reflect sunlight. Similarly, doors and windows should be updated to be more energy-efficient. Beyond making sure there are no gaps between the window or door and frame, updating the type of window or glass used can help.


In the days of "smart" devices, many people will be attracted to efforts to make the house more technology-friendly. Starting with a smart home interface will allow you to network many appliances. Although there are many appliances that are smart appliances, you should start your upgrades with the appliances you use most and those that would be more efficient if controlled wirelessly, such as HVAC, hot water, and/or lights. If the home is larger and/or has several floors, you should consider installing a wireless repeater. Using a repeater may help boost your network signal throughout the home. Electric outlets have changed to appeal to people who need chargers for their devices. Updating most of the electrical outlets to include USB ports for charging can be appealing if you sell.

Renovations that increase the value of your home are a more solid investment than making changes based on trends. A combination of a smart home and one that reduces energy costs will likely be attractive for more years to come.

To get started on your custom home renovation, contact a construction contractor in your area.

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