The Ins and Outs of Exterior Drain Tile: Why It’s a Smart Investment for Your Home

Have you ever wondered what's taking place under your home's foundation? Moisture build-up, especially in areas with a high water table, can cause underlying dampness and structural damage, resulting in costly renovations and expensive mold remediation if it goes unchecked. Fortunately, an exterior drain tile installation can help prevent damage to your home's foundation by diverting groundwater from your foundation walls. 

Promotes a Healthy Living Environment

Due to the growth of mold and bacteria, a damp and moist environment can pose a significant risk to your family's health. An exterior drain tile installation helps to prevent the formation of mold and bacteria, making your home a healthier and happier living environment for you and your loved ones.

Helps to Protect Your Home from Costly Damage

One of the most significant benefits of an exterior drain tile is the protection it offers to your home's foundation. It helps to replace the moisture-damaged foundation walls, which most insurance companies won’t cover. By preventing water penetration, it maintains the strength and integrity of your foundation, preventing costly structural damage.

Reduces Moisture Build-up and Mold Growth

Exterior drain tile installations can effectively reduce moisture build-up, which can lead to mold growth. The tiles work by drawing water away from your home's foundation and disbursing it away from the property, protecting the structure from the negative impact of moisture damage.

Increases Your Property's Value

By investing in an exterior drain tile installation, you increase the value of your property on the market. Moreover, it attracts more potential buyers, gives you a competitive advantage in the market, and provides peace of mind knowing that the home is structurally sound.

Increases Your Home’s Energy Efficiency

Moisture in your basement or crawl space could lead to higher energy bills. It poses a negative impact on your home's insulation, making it work twice as hard. Installing exterior drain tiles reduces your home's moisture levels, resulting in decreased energy bills.

In conclusion, it's vital to invest in a durable drainage system that safeguards and protects your home from the gradual damage caused by moisture, water damage, and mold growth. The benefits of exterior drain tiles are numerous and compelling, making them a smart investment for any homeowner. By installing an exterior drain tile, you can prevent moisture build-up and mold growth, increase your property's value, reduce your utility bills, and improve your family's overall health and wellness.

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